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"My success has come from working on nearly every model of pool and billiard table, whether it has been manufactured or hand crafted. We have enjoyed a good reputation working anywhere from small gaming tables to $30,000 Brunswicks. In my career, I have worked on over 6,000 tables and every style and model, including coin operated. Tables come in a variety of sizes and i have worked on them all. Some of the manufacturers we support include Brunswick, Olhausen, Peter Vitale, Gandy, Leisure Bay, Golden West, Proline, Thomas Aaron, Steepleton, AE Schmidt, Kasson, Berringer, Beach, Legacy, and AMF just to name a few."

Hello Earl,

You recently moved and installed/re-felted a pool table for my husband and I in Palm Bay. We just wanted to extend our appreciation for the great work you did. We were extremely impressed with the amount of time and care you spent in ensuring that the table was positioned for the most optimal shots on every side and in the leveling to guarantee the roll was smooth. Tom and I have already had many hours of enjoyment and we wanted to extend a sincere thank you!!! A.J.D., Palm Bay, Florida

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My name is Earl Barnes and I am originally from upstate New York. I graduated from Marist College in 1993 and after working at West Point for some time, I decided to move to Atlanta and explore new opportunities. I bought Gould Billiard Service, Inc. in 1996 and have operated the business and serviced the Atlanta area and all of Georgia ever since. In 2010, I relocated with my family to Central Florida and we have expanded our service area to include Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and all of Central and Northeast Florida.

I feel very blessed to have worked in the billiard industry for over 20 years. I have learned so much, met a variety of amazing people and gained a great deal of experience. I have not only worked with so many different people but have become life long friends with others in the pool table industry. During this journey I also met my loving wife and we have two wonderful kids!

With years of experience and knowledge of properly installing and recovering pool tables, Florida Billiard Service promises to deliver quality work and craftsmanship every time.

"We have been doing business with Earl for over five years. We can always rely on him to give prompt, professional service to our customers. Not only is he an expert when it comes to installing pool tables, but also for any type of repair or replacement of billiard parts. We highly recommend Gould Billiards for friendly, professional, and honest service."

Amy Dollinger
Claims and Supply Handling
Amyco Relocation, Inc.

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In addition to residential clients, we also serve many commercial clients throughout Florida. A sample include:

  • Local and national moving companies
  • Carpet companies
  • Water restoration companies
  • Retail stores and
  • Real Estate companies

I cannot stress the importance of proper care, maintenance and handling of a pool table. Tables can weigh over 1000 lbs and stress can cause fractures that move elements in the table basically destroying the planing of the table itself.

You may love and enjoy playing pool and are investing in a table for your home, I encourage you to read our FAQ section and call me with any questions. The right table properly maintained and cared for will last a lifetime and give hours of family fun and entertainment.

I will work on every model of pool table that has been manufactured or hand crafted, and that includes over 6,000 tables so far and i want to bring that experience and knowledge to work for you.

You begin a professional career guided by industry standards, but you perform to your customer's satisfaction by utilizing proper technique. That comes with experience. I am pleased to provide both to all my customers.

My work follows industry standards such as:

  • Helping to ensure that the frame is positioned in the room free from obstructions for the best playability
  • Leveling the table with 16 in machinist's level
  • Using beeswax between the seams on the slate to provide the smoothest surface for the table
  • Providing a 90 Day Warranty on all my service work.

I appreciate and value each of my customers and show it by calling back promptly, showing up on time and completing the job to their satisfaction. And i believe the best proof in a job well done is the fact that most all of my business comes from personal referrals. I work around the customer's schedule, six days a week. Sundays are reserved for my family. Give us a chance to show you what Florida Billiard Service can do for you.


We have made a list of FAQ's below. If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us.

They are an expensive purchase that needs to be handled with care by a professional billiard tech. This helps to protect the investment.
Pool tables are not made to be moved in one piece. Serious and/or costly damage can occur to you, the table or the house if you attempt to move it yourself.
A crack in the slate. Serious damage may also be an unsecured leg. Pool tables on average weigh 800 to 1200 pounds. If any of the 4 legs are not secured and it falls, it can damage everything in its path including children, pets, furniture, flooring, etc.
Standard fabric is fine for the beginner or average player for in home use. Professional grade is essential for those who are wanting to hone their skills for league play. See fabrics.
Ideally you should add 60 inches all the way around a pool table to get a comfortable shot from any angle. This takes into account the average cue length at 57 inches. You can however purchase a smaller cue. Please see Pool Table sizes below.
Pool table sizes are determined by the measurement of the inside playing surface of the pool table from the cloth covered nose of the cushion rubber to the opposite cushion rubber. The length is customarily twice the width.
Some of the most common sizes are:
  • Bar Table - Coin Operated Pool Table: 7 foot table with a playing area - 76" x 38"
  • Standard Home Size Pool Table: 8 foot table with a playing area - 88" x 44"
  • Tournament Size Pool Table: 9 foot table with a playing area - 100" x 50"
Snooker table sizes:
  • 10 foot table with a playing area - 112" x 56"
  • 12 foot table with a playing area - 124" x 62"


For more information about Florida Billiard Service, please contact us we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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We also service Tallahassee, FL